Hannah Leighton-Boyce, Score for Unit 6 Row G

, 2016


Blueprint on cotton rag paper
26 x 35cm
First edition monotypes

This selection of blueprints are part of a set of thirty-seven, made by Hannah Leighton-Boyce as the original working score used in developing the eight channel audio installation Re-sounding Unit 6, Row G in eight movements. The work was developed through a residency with Touchstones Art Gallery, Rochdale, in their offsite archive.

The work draws on the connection between Touchstones Museum and Art Gallery’s collection of over five hundred trade (hand) tools and their resting place, the site of Thomas Robinson and Son’s of Rochdale a former engineering works, which made tools and machinery for woodwork, that now houses the Museums archive. As relics of past trades, these prehensile tools have been disembodied and elevated to museum objects, representing our historic, pre-industrial relationship to work. The individual sounds and frequencies captured from ‘ringing’ the Museums collection of hand tools are composed as a series of eight movements which directly relate to the placement of the objects upon the archive shelving. Each of the eight movements played at one time, generating, shifting placement and position during the course of the exhibition. The accompanying collection of thirty-seven blueprints, carefully preserve and document the pencil marks, object names and frequencies, calculations and incidental marks on the original working score. The working score was used to record the placement of each of the objects on eight rows, of eleven storeys high archive shelving; each row and the audio recording of each individual object, provide the form and content for the eight movements and composition.