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Studio Outlet sells things made by artists.

Studio Outlet sells unique works, test pieces, one-offs, experiments, models, maquettes and more, that are made by artists in the process of developing new work and making exhibitions.

Studio Outlet wants to:

  1. Get artists’ works into the world, to be lived with, seen and thought about
  2. Offer a way to buy things made by artists; particularly unique, affordable and unexhibited things that can be lived with
  3. Give artists a way of earning money from the things they make
  4. Give people who are interested in supporting artists a way to invest in their practices
  5. Give artists back their studio spaces, reducing the amount of it that’s used for storage
  6. Celebrate the value of art that functions as art
  7. Support primarily womxn artists and artists with caring responsibilities

Artists will always receive 70% of the sale price of their work.

More things from more artists will be added on an ongoing basis.

To express interest in sold out pieces, or to ask any questions, email There’s no official mailing list, follow us on Instagram for the latest works and events.

The majority of artists presenting work through Studio Outlet are contracted through invitation, but Studio Outlet is happy to hear from artists interested in starting conversations about presenting works for sale through the online shop. Email Studio Outlet is actively anti-racist and is working now to act upon the urgent need to do more to end systemic inequality; to represent the diversity of the world we co-inhabit; to use this platform to amplify a wider range of artist voices; and to support Black artists and artists from other marginalised communities.

Studio Outlet is run by Joanne Masding.