Studio Outlet sells things made by artists.

Studio Outlet sells unique works, test pieces, one-offs, experiments, models, maquettes and more, that are made by artists in the process of developing new work and making exhibitions.

Studio Outlet wants to:

  • Get artists’ works into the world, to be lived with, seen and thought about
  • Offer a way to buy things made by artists; particularly unique, affordable and unexhibited things that can be lived with
  • Give artists a way of earning money from the things they make
  • Give people who are interested in supporting artists a way to invest in their practices
  • Give artists back their studio spaces, reducing the amount of it that’s used for storage
  • Celebrate the value of art that functions as art

Works will available to buy through the online shop in late 2018.

Studio Outlet is run by Joanne Masding.